Ride like the Bravas Do

Ride like the Bravas Do

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The one reason that we Bravas have been riding consistently, year after year is the Bravas Riding Pact. All of us swear by our riding protocol which is no less than our riding Bible. Some of the rules included in our pact are:-

1. Safety First: Riding gears are mandatory.  Each one of us rides with proper riding gear. A list of riding gear we use  is shared in another section.

2. Follow our Pre-Riding Routines : We set our riding routines days before we start riding. The entire route and routine for each and every day of the trip is all pre decided. All this helps us reach our destination on time.

3. Riding order: We ride in accordance to our pre decided order only. Each one of us rides in the decided order and therefore we never overtake each other.

4. Fellow Rider: Each one of us makes sure that he keeps an eye on the rider riding immediately behind him. If one does not see his fellow rider in the rear-view mirror for 2 minutes, 

  • one stops and waits for him. 
  • And even after waiting for a couple of minutes, the rider does not show up, he signals the team with alarm horn and goes back to check on him.

5. Different horn signals: To alert the team, we use different horn signals but have never used cell phones.

6. No hand gestures or signals: We never use hands to signal anything to our team. Only horn signal or brake light and indicators are used.

7. Delegation of Tasks: Each one of us takes the onus of a role which he has expertise in. Some of them include

  • Team Leader who sets day-wise destination targets and maintains discipline in the team
  • Navigator(who learns the route by heart)
  • The planner of the itinerary(accommodation, possible halts)
  • Funds manager
  • Photographer
  • Bike Mechanism experts as we have two engineers among us who maintain the Mechanical kit and ensure that our bikes in good health.
  • Medical – We have a Physician and a Physiotherapist in our team who take care of the team’s medical needs.
About Bravas

Bravas, originally a Punjabi origin word, is used to address a brother and is perfectly apt for our group of riding brothers. We Bravas are adventure travel enthusiasts and are driven by a ceaseless riding ardour. We are fascinated about riding to least traveled and challenging destinations. We are a group of 12 people, all coming from different walks of life.

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