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Bravas’ key to ride safe

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Bravas’ key to ride safe

  1. Ride safe and follow the traffic rules.
  2. Invest in a good quality helmet
  3. Keep all the required papers and permits in a safe place
  4. Spare key – Always carry your spare key in your riding jacket’s left pocket (not in jean’s pocket or bag pockets).
  5. Steel toe shoes(preferable), long gumboots(for water crossings) and a pair of spare shoes.
  6. Riding gear: Ride with proper riding gear i.e Riding jacket, Riding trousers, riding boots and gloves.
  7. Buffs – Use multipurpose buffs while riding.
  8. Sunscreens – Prefer sunscreens with SPF 120 as sunburns is a very common problem all riders face.
  9. Always keep First aid kits handy.
  10. Stay hydrated to avoid dehydration.
  11. Maintain a Mechanical kit.


About Bravas

Bravas, originally a Punjabi origin word, is used to address a brother and is perfectly apt for our group of riding brothers. We Bravas are adventure travel enthusiasts and are driven by a ceaseless riding ardour. We are fascinated about riding to least traveled and challenging destinations. We are a group of 12 people, all coming from different walks of life.

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