Bravas’ Guide to Riding Gear

Bravas’ Guide to Riding Gear

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Guide to Bravas’ Riding Gear kit

The very first thing that strikes one’s mind when it comes to riding long and treacherous distances is Safety. Apart from your bike, your riding gears help you reach your destination unscathed.  Riding in difficult terrains is no wonder a tricky and perilous affair but is far more rewarding and worth every ounce of effort that it takes. We never hit the road without these following riding gears:-

1. Helmet –  The helmet is, of course, the most important piece of riding gear. It protects the most significant and sensitive part of your body i.s your brain. Always buy a good quality helmet that fits snugly on your cheeks and must have the necessary safety ratings.

2. Riding Jacket – A  jacket with a back protector is the second most important piece of riding gear. In case of any mishappening on the road, one can hurt the upper body in unimaginable ways. Hence a jacket with a back protector, shoulder and elbow armour goes a long way in protecting the spine and torso. 

3. Riding Gloves – A pair of riding gloves is an equally important riding gear. Gloves protect our hands from scrapes in case of a fall, they also come super handy while riding in rains and cold weather conditions. Go for perforated leather gloves with hard shell knuckle and TPR finger knuckle protectors.

4. Riding boots – Perhaps the most underrated piece of riding equipment, riding boots are however very important. A good pair of riding boots can assist you in riding comfort while on the road, by making gear shifting easier, keeping your toes dry in rain and by protecting your feet in case of a crash. Prefer boots that have a water-resistant sole, has steel toes, polyurethane toe slider and suede shift pad.

5. Knee and elbow protectors – The knees and elbows are always vulnerable and more prone to impact in case of a mishappening. While there are riding pants available in the market, and even denim with knee armour,  it’s worth investing in a knee and elbow protector.

Well, that’s our recommendation on essential riding gear that certainly helps in increasing performance while providing maximum protection and comfort. So before riding our beast, always wear your gear, follow the rules, and ride safe!

Bravas, originally a Punjabi origin word, is used to address a brother and is perfectly apt for our group of riding brothers. We Bravas are adventure travel enthusiasts and are driven by a ceaseless riding ardour. We are fascinated about riding to least traveled and challenging destinations. We are a group of 12 people, all coming from different walks of life.